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(function ($) {

Drupal.behaviors.tableSelect = {
  attach: function (context, settings) {
    // Select the inner-most table in case of nested tables.
    $('th.select-all', context).closest('table').once('table-select', Drupal.tableSelect);

Drupal.tableSelect = function () {
  // Do not add a "Select all" checkbox if there are no rows with checkboxes in the table
  if ($('td input:checkbox', this).length == 0) {

  // Keep track of the table, which checkbox is checked and alias the settings.
  var table = this, checkboxes, lastChecked;
  var strings = { 'selectAll': Drupal.t('Select all rows in this table'), 'selectNone': Drupal.t('Deselect all rows in this table') };
  var updateSelectAll = function (state) {
    // Update table's select-all checkbox (and sticky header's if available).
    $(table).prev('table.sticky-header').andSelf().find('th.select-all input:checkbox').each(function() {
      $(this).attr('title', state ? strings.selectNone : strings.selectAll);
      this.checked = state;

  // Find all <th> with class select-all, and insert the check all checkbox.
  $('th.select-all', table).prepend($('<input type="checkbox" class="form-checkbox" />').attr('title', strings.selectAll)).click(function (event) {
    if ($(event.target).is('input:checkbox')) {
      // Loop through all checkboxes and set their state to the select all checkbox' state.
      checkboxes.each(function () {
        this.checked = event.target.checked;
        // Either add or remove the selected class based on the state of the check all checkbox.
        $(this).closest('tr').toggleClass('selected', this.checked);
      // Update the title and the state of the check all box.

  // For each of the checkboxes within the table that are not disabled.
  checkboxes = $('td input:checkbox:enabled', table).click(function (e) {
    // Either add or remove the selected class based on the state of the check all checkbox.
    $(this).closest('tr').toggleClass('selected', this.checked);

    // If this is a shift click, we need to highlight everything in the range.
    // Also make sure that we are actually checking checkboxes over a range and
    // that a checkbox has been checked or unchecked before.
    if (e.shiftKey && lastChecked && lastChecked != e.target) {
      // We use the checkbox's parent TR to do our range searching.
      Drupal.tableSelectRange($(e.target).closest('tr')[0], $(lastChecked).closest('tr')[0], e.target.checked);

    // If all checkboxes are checked, make sure the select-all one is checked too, otherwise keep unchecked.
    updateSelectAll((checkboxes.length == $(checkboxes).filter(':checked').length));

    // Keep track of the last checked checkbox.
    lastChecked = e.target;

Drupal.tableSelectRange = function (from, to, state) {
  // We determine the looping mode based on the the order of from and to.
  var mode = from.rowIndex > to.rowIndex ? 'previousSibling' : 'nextSibling';

  // Traverse through the sibling nodes.
  for (var i = from[mode]; i; i = i[mode]) {
    // Make sure that we're only dealing with elements.
    if (i.nodeType != 1) {

    // Either add or remove the selected class based on the state of the target checkbox.
    $(i).toggleClass('selected', state);
    $('input:checkbox', i).each(function () {
      this.checked = state;

    if (to.nodeType) {
      // If we are at the end of the range, stop.
      if (i == to) {
    // A faster alternative to doing $(i).filter(to).length.
    else if ($.filter(to, [i]).r.length) {


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